Monday, April 20, 2009


Our girls LOVE going to storytime at the library. Last week after we got home from storytime, the girls were playing while I (Amy) was getting lunch ready. I peeked into the living room when I realized they were playing "storytime." (Sorry its a bit blurry, Essie was really into telling the story.) Of course she was telling it in Gumuz, but the concept of storytime was defiinitly there. She did keep saying "sit down" in English. Apparently I said that to her a lot that day. It was cute.


Sarah said...

I really, really loved library story hour when I was little, so seeing the girls having fun with it makes me happy! They are adorable.

kitzkazventure said...

They are just so cute! Nick loves to have storytime too. His dad offered to read for him last night and he brought in ALL of his kid bibles to read?!? Destined for Seminary? :) The girls have such infectious smiles....I always end up smiling after looking at your pictures!

Charley and Jackie said...

Ha! I love it!