Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gotcha Day plus 1 month

Well, 1 month ago today (March 8th) we picked up the girls from the transition house. What a month it has been! We "celebrated" by taking the girls to the UK International Adoption Clinic for their big post adoption evaluation. We arrived at 10am and didn't leave until after 1pm. It was a very long time to be poked and prodded, but the girls were real troopers. They didn't even cry when their blood was drawn or had the TB test (shot) administered. The doctor and occupational therapist were thoroughly impressed with our girls. We are of course waiting to get their bloodwork back to see what kinds of "little friends" they may have, but generally they are very healthy and on track developmentally.

Having fun spinning in the doctor's chair while we wait

I know Chloe looks ridiculous in this picture, but she's saying "monkey" and it makes me laugh

All smiles BEFORE the doctor comes into the exam room

Once we finally made it home this afternoon, we found a box on our front porch. It contained the picture book we created for the girls with the pictures of their birth family and village. Needless to say, they loved it and wanted to look at it over and over again. They also loved the bubble wrap that came in the box and once mommy showed them how to pop the bubbles, it was even more fun.


Kathy said...

We had a great experience at the UK clinic as well. Like you, we were there for HOURS. Unlike you, Drew screamed like they were killing him over the blood draw. It was most traumatic for me.

I love your girls. More videos, please... they always make me laugh.

P.S. Jeff and I have been singing about bacon and sausage for many days now. Thank you. :)

Charley and Jackie said...

Great post...great to see and spend time with you today, too. Need it more often. Looking forward to Monday. I just think you and Cydil are wonderful. You need to change your heading on your are not waiting anymore :)