Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Fun Week

We had a fun week with Jen and Hunter that went too fast. They left Friday morning and Chloe cried for 20 minutes. Mommy decided we needed a fun distraction so we went to family story time at JCPL. This was the first time we'd been to family story time (ages 0-5), but we've been to the pre-school story time twice previously and the girls are really getting the hang of it. They actually are participating in the singing and dancing now. In fact, the hokie pokie is one of their new favorites. It's amazing that last week when we went to story time, they just clung to me and this week, they were trying to sing the songs and do the motions. They have a hard time sitting still for the actual stories that are read, but that seems fairly normal for the more active kids. I recommend story time for anyone with pre-schoolers. It is transforming my kids before my eyes. Friday also marked our 3 week anniversary of coming home from Ethiopia.

Aunt Jen is so fun!

Every time we pray before a meal, we hold hands as a family. On Thursday, Hunter and Essie did not want to stop holding hands. It was so sweet that mommy and Aunt Jen couldn't help but snap a picture.
Matt taught Hunter to say "cheers" while he clinks his glass on my sister's last visit. On this visit, Hunter taught it to our girls. My sister just laughed.

Hunter and Chloe became best buds

One last photo before we say good-bye


Scott & Jennifer Schaetzle said...

We had fun too, and can't wait to do it again!!! Love you all.

amy said...

oh, my! these pictures brought tears to my eyes! congrats on the additions to your family, what a blessing!