Friday, April 24, 2009

Play time with the Maas Family

We had a fun day on Thursday, playing with the Maas family. They only live about 10 minutes from us and have WAY more fun toys outside than we do. They also have 5 children (2 bios, 1 born in China & 2 born in Ethiopia).


Chloe, our daredevil, going down head first

I love this picture of Gabriel and Essie laughing at each other

Chloe, Ethan & Gabriel
Essie LOVED the trampoline

Essie and Miranda playing in the sandbox
Apparently Ethan thought we needed a popsicle break because he ran into the house and brought back popsicles for everyone. They were a big hit!

Jacob "enjoying" his popsicle

All the kids helping push Jacob back to the house

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