Saturday, February 21, 2009

Preparing a Place

We've been working on the girls' room over the last few is a glimpse of what we've got so far...

Bed #1

Ethiopian Flag & Lots of Books

Bed #2


Corrie said...

Is the furniture formerly of glide-crawford? It looks familiar. Isaiah's dresser is from Kresge.

Amy said...

Indeed it is. They sold it last summer when they remodeled Glide/Crawford. I WISH we had the Kresge furniture. It was way cooler.

heather said...

I am so excited for you both! It is wonderful to see the prayers of so many months and years coming together.

Oh, and the glide-crawford beds! The memories of relentlessly trying to bunk and unbunk those things for 4 years!! ;-)

Coral said...

I wish I'd lived there when they got new furniture...but still, I loved those old beds. We once got 8 girls asleep on one. (Don't ask, I don't remember.)
I'm SO excited for you guys.