Sunday, February 8, 2009

Church Baby Shower

Friday night our church threw us a baby shower in preparation for the girls' arrival. It was a wonderful time to forget about all the delays and focus on the fact that they will be here soon (hopefully). We got some really cute outfits, some of which are pictured below.

Great Grandma Hindman sent these cute outfits.

Janet made these beautiful blankets.

Even though this one is Tennessee Orange, Matt said he's ok with it
because he's tired of seeing pink already.

Adorable dresses

Educational puzzles from one of the many teachers that were in attendance.

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Peter and Nancy said...

Hi Amy --
I'm visiting from Pam's blog -- hang in there with that judge! Almost all of us who have adopted have stories about multiple court dates (our judge just didn't show up for one of ours . . . argh). But you will have your family under your roof, and all this frustration will melt away.