Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wild West Vacation: Weekend with Uncle Ron & Aunt Ok

Matt's Uncle Ron and Aunt Ok live in Colorado near the beautiful town of Aspen.  We spent a very nice weekend with Ron and Ok, and Uncle Ron served as our guide to some neat spots.

On Friday, we did something for Amy - we visited a sustainable agriculture ranch in the area.

On Friday night, we visited a Hawaiian/Asian restaurant that is run by Aunt Ok's nephew.

Aunt Ok gives chopsticks lessons to the girls.

Delicious food and good company

On Saturday morning we made an excursion to the Maroon Bells area.  AJ spotted these moose along the way.





The beautiful shaking leaves of the Aspen tree

A panoramic view of the town of Aspen from above


Aspen's Saturday Market

We walked from Uncle Ron's house over to the next town to get some frozen yogurt - yum!

This part of Colorado has bike trails EVERYWHERE.  It's really nice.  Here Chloe and Dad walk back to Uncle Ron's on a beautiful evening.

That white stuff is man-made snow at Buttermilk Slopes - left over from the Winter X Games.

On Sunday morning we drove up the mountain on the other side of Aspen for some light hiking.

Dad & Chloe

The Devil's Punchbowl

The Devil's Punchbowl


Seriously, Chloe's favorite thing in the world is climbing on rocks.

Some snow still on the ground in the Grottos area!

Snowballs in June?


Down in those cracks are some ice caves.


A rushing mountain cascade

Uncle Ron, Chloe, and Essie

Essie checking out the COLD water


After this family photo, Dad lost his sunglasses in the water.  At least it wasn't an iPhone!

June snowball fight

A special thanks to Uncle Ron and Aunt Ok for hosting us and showing us a great time (and lots of great food) in Aspen.

Up next:  Colorado Springs

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