Monday, June 20, 2016

Wild West Vacation: The Long Road Home

Our long road home began on Tuesday morning as we left from Colorado Springs to head for family in the Oklahoma City area.  We took a route that went through New Mexico and Texas (6 whole minutes longer than going interstates through Kansas, according to Google maps) so we could cross a couple more states off our list.

One last rest stop in Colorado

We were seeing signs for Capulin Volcano, and it looked like it was righ off the interstate, so we decided to stop and stretch our legs for a few minutes in New Mexico.  It was totally worth it! (And our Fourth Graders Get in Free National Parks pass saved us from paying the fee for going up!)

Capulin is an inactive volcano in Northeast New Mexico.

Deer at the Welcome Center

The crater


The rim of the volcano was about 8,000 feet elevation.  On this clear day, the rangers told us you could see 80 miles.

You can see another little extinct volcano crater out in the distance, just behind the tree.

Dad taking a panoramic photo

AJ giving Essie a lift around the rim.


Amy wanted a picture of this abandoned schoolhouse along the road.

And there was this abandoned homestead at the foot of the volcano.

Next state: Texas, where we stopped to eat lunch.

Granary in Dalhart, TX

Texas - just as flat as Kansas.

We stayed overnight in Oklahoma with Matt's Aunt Daphne and Uncle Doug.  We were so wiped out that we forgot to take any pictures with them!  Family vacation fail!

Next state - Arkansas.  Just a drive-through, but we had an interesting stop for lunch.  We stopped at Taco Bell, because everyone was tired of burgers.  The cashier said, "Your total is $31.58, but I'm going to give you a Senior Discount, because nobody should have to pay over $30 at Taco Bell."  We like that Taco Bell.

Crossing the Mississippi River into Memphis, Tennessee

The Memphis Pyramid

And finally...back on hallowed ground.  We arrived home at about 11:30pm on Wednesday night. 

 3,650 miles, 12 states, and 10 days.

THE END. (Phew!)

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