Friday, June 17, 2016

Wild West Vacation: Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

On Wednesday of last week, we spent the day at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, a park located at 7100 ft. elevation above Glenwood Springs.  Matt's Uncle Ron sent money for us to buy day passes for the park, and it was a load of fun.

You ride a tram up the mountain to reach the park.

The girls

The boys

Quite a view from up on the mountain

View down the valley from the park

Chloe & AJ

Essie & Chloe

Mom & Dad

One of the first rides we rode was the Soaring Eagle Zip Line.  Mom & Essie give it a try.

Chloe was really not sure she wanted to give this ride a try, but she ended up loving it and riding it over and over.

AJ & Essie

Mom & Chloe

AJ ready to ride the Alpine Coaster - a downhill sled on which you control the speed


Chloe, again very nervous, but on the first of many runs on this ride, which was a favorite

Dad loved the Alpine Coaster.

Here is a YouTube video someone made with a GoPro of the ride.

Selfie as the coaster comes back up the hill from the bottom

Chloe back safe and sound after another run on the Alpine Coaster

This is the Canyon Flyer - a ride that swings you out over Glenwood Canyon - a drop of many hundred feet

Mom & Dad only made it once on this ride, but the kids rode it over and over.

Video of our kids riding the Canyon Flyer

And here is a YouTube video that give you the rider's point-of-view.

The Wild West Express - much more Mom's speed

Inside the King's Row Cavern

Black lights illuminate the rock formations


Mom & Dad on the Alpine Coaster

Essie & Chloe get ready to ride the zip line again.

We also rode the Cliffhanger Coaster - the highest-altitude coaster in North America.  We didn't get any pictures from this ride, but here is a YouTube video showing the rider's point-of-view.

A beautiful cactus on top of the mountain

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