Saturday, March 15, 2014

Middle School Soccer

A.J. loves soccer.  There's never been any doubt about that.  Not wanting to do the club soccer thing due to the high financial cost and time commitments, it has been difficult to find a challenging outlet for his skills. Last Fall we put him in the recreational U14 league because he was so dominant as an 11-year-old in U12. (He was pretty dominant there, too.)

A.J. is only a 4th grader academically, but that, of course, is due to his not having any schooling in Ethiopia.  So, we asked the local middle school coach if they might be willing to give A.J. a look for the middle school soccer team, even though he still has a full year and a half in elementary school.  He made the team and played good minutes in their first win last night.  And so now we enter a new world - school sports.

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