Saturday, March 22, 2014


Today was a beautiful Saturday in the Bluegrass.  Cousin Hunter was in town, and everybody needed an activity, so Matt took the kids to go hiking at some friends' farm on the Kentucky River Palisades.  Our friends' son, fellow adoptee John, came with us as we hiked down a ravine from the top of the Palisades, all the way down to the Kentucky River.

Chloe on the way down to the creek bed that runs down to the river

Hunter, Essie, and Chloe

Hunter & A.J.

John and Chloe walk along the creek

Chloe hops down

Standing atop one of the several little waterfalls on the way down



Climbing through holes in the rocks

At the entrance to a cave with an underground spring

Our attempt at a cave shot

Walking behind the biggest of the waterfalls

Essie and Chloe

Making our way down the ravine

More exploring with Essie and Chloe

All the way down to the river

Chloe and Essie take a closer look at the Kentucky River

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