Thursday, June 20, 2013

Homestead Update

I can tell its summer.  Not only am I behind in blogging but most of the blogs I follow have been posting a lot less as well. Just too much to do and lots of daylight to do it in.  They biggest news on our urban homestead is the ducks have started laying.

First eggs found out in the garden

Also found some in the tunnel to the garden

I penned the ducks up a few nights and they eventually got the idea to lay their eggs in the duck house...though not exactly in the laying boxes.

Week 1's duck egg harvest

This is a chicken egg on top and a duck egg on bottom.  I expect the duck eggs to be double in size once they start laying for real.

The other harvest right now is blackberries. I planted a few canes last year and man, are they producing!

Essie finding blackberries!

The harvest isn't great yet, but its enough for the kids to find and eat.  I love hearing them say, "wow, our garden is great this year."

Everywhere I look, the fruit of our labors are starting to show.





and more tomatoes

For all my fussing with the tomatoes this year and losing 50 plants to frost in April, I still think we'll be up to our ears in tomatoes in another month or so.  I ended up buying some plants, had some given to me and had even more in my in my little greenhouse so we are back up to about 50 plants.  (can you say SALSA!?!?!)

I leave you with a final video of the ladies.  Almost every day I let them out of their pen so they can roam with neighborhood. Don't worry, the neighbors are all on board and some even feed them now.  They wander back to our house at dusk and if I leave the door open, they put themselves to bed.  Seriously, chickens are the easiest animals to care for. 

The sweet lady that lives 2 doors down feeds the ladies on her back porch.  I love to hear her talk about how her mother always kept chickens.

Another perk of having an URBAN homestead is you can enlist the neighborhood children to help.  I had a flat of marigolds to plant around the garden so I called in the kids that were around the house and the job was done in 5 minutes.  And, they kept asking for other jobs.

One other homestead project I needed done was replacement of the single rain barrel.  My family decided to visit last week so of course I had to take advantage of the time my Dad was here.  He had major back surgery last month so my brother-in-law Jeremy was enlisted to help as well.  The fitting around the nozzle broke and in the end, my Dad and I decided to just replace the whole unit, now that we have some better ideas for rain barrels. 

Finished project

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