Monday, December 10, 2012

The Gingerbread Houses

The girls went to a birthday party yesterday and made gingerbread houses (great activity when you have a house full of 7 year old girls).  I was very impressed with our girls' creations. 

Chloe's house

Chloe did not put a roof on her house because she wanted to be able to see all her "furniture".  The mints are the couch, the graham crackers are the TV.  She couldn't remember what the marshmallow was. 

Essie stated that she asked her friend's mom if she could use some of the green napkins to make grass before she put the snow (coconut) down. 

The sad ending of this tale is when we came home tonight, our very bad dog had helped himself to Essie's gingerbread house and so it is no more.  SO glad I took the pictures yesterday. 

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