Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chloe's first sewing project

Chloe discovered a hole in her sock and asked if she could try to darn it (as in sew it, not DARN IT!)  I got her set up and away she went.  She was very proud of herself but then was afraid to wear the sock again for fear her stitching wouldn't hold.  It held just fine though!  So proud of my big girl!

Yes, the sock does appear to be an ice cream cone, but its just because there is a light bulb in it to help her see the places that need stitching. 

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Richelle said...

I love that people still darn their socks...most just throw them away and get more. We are such a wasteful society. Kuddos to you guys for teaching them to conserve and darn socks! :)