Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012-part 2

After breakfast, Grandpa, Essie, Chloe & I got busy making Aunt Rosie's famous cinnamon rolls. The rolls ended up burning (such a bummer!!!) but we made good memories making them. 

Essie rolling out the dough

Chloe's turn

Aunt Jen & family plus Aunt Kelly & family joined us for lunch and then we had the gift exchange between the cousins.

Grandpa can't keep his hands off our new baby Caleb, but Shelby is having a little trouble sharing her Grandpa.

Baby Caleb sporting his elf outfit

Essie finally decided to hold Caleb.  I think my kids were a bit intimidated to hold such a new baby.  He's not even 3 weeks old here.

Chloe got a Tiana ballerina doll from cousin Marcus

AJ's SpiderMan football from cousin Jacob

Shelby got some new boots from Meemaw.  Shelby adores shoes!

I couldn't put the baby down just to open presents!

Cousin Hunter made this pillow for Essie

More Explorer Games!

Aunt Jen found this University of Kentucky pasta for Matt!

Chloe decided to take a turn holding Baby Caleb.

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