Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Bench Project

Sorry, its been so long since we've posted.  Matt's Dad had a heart attack last Friday and open heart surgery today (he's as good as can be expected). Our latest woodworking project involved the broken bed frame from our guest bed (that Matt replaced a few weeks ago).  I thought I should be able to make something out of that. So I started the project one afternoon sanding down the old head and foot boards.
I soon realized I was in over my head and Matt quickly took over the woodworking part of the project.

We cut the foot board in half. 

And yes, we used the project as an excuse to buy a new tool!

Cutting the bottom rail off the foot board so we could use it as the new arm

Reinforced the very unstable frame

Screwed the head board and foot board to the new frame

and voila...a bench (sorry, forgot to take a picture with the seat on it)

First coat of paint

And the finished project, after 3 coats of paint

It took WAY longer than I wanted.  Matt finished the construction in a day, but then I didn't get the painting done for 2 weeks.  Now the weather is yucky outside so don't think we will be using it much, but the idea is for it to go on the deck, since we currently have no seating there. 

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Kjernald Family Adventures said...

looks awesome, very impressive! Praying that Matt's dad is okay.