Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rolling Storage Unit

I saw this idea on Pinterest (my new obsession) and send the link to Matt.  
Classy Clutter: Build your own extra storage! (DIY Canned Food Organizer)
He said, "that's doable." And I said, "Seriously!" And he said, "yup".  So here's the story of how we made our Rolling Storage unit.  

First we started out with a family trip to L*wes

Caesar supervised while Matt pre-drilled the holes for the screws and the holes to hold the dowel rods. I had previously painted all the boards.

Matt assembling the shelving unit

The easy part is done

We flipped the unit over to insert dowel rods

We gently shoved them in as best we could and when that didn't work,
we banged them in with a mallet.

Then the tricky part was to fit the other side board on with all the dowels in the correct holes and screw each board in the correct place.

Matt's eagle eye always does the trick

We attached 4 casters on the bottom

Caesar supervising the final step

nailing the back piece on

Tada...a rolling storage unit - all for about $60.

Can you find the storage unit? 

here's a clue

While I was hoping to make it wide enough for my canned goods (like in the Pinterest pic), the space between our refrigerator and wall was not wide enough.  It turned out all good in the end though because I had plenty of pantry items that fit. 

I did some rearranging and found that soup cans fit very well.  I also discovered that I have WAY too many cans of Cream of Chicken (what was I thinking?!?!?).


Marie said...

That's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm impressed!!!

P.S. In my opinion, you can't have too many Cream of Chicken soups! If it's on sale, I stock up because I use it and Cream of Mushroom in lots of dishes.

Christina said...

That is awesome!! I know just the place for this - our space is really wide too!

Ellen Z said...

Well done!!