Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Date Night at the UK Football Game

So my most vocal follower (my sister Kelly) has been hounding me to blog.  I'm so sorry we have been away from blog-world for a while.  My father in law took a turn for the worse following 6 bypass surgery and has been intubebated for the last 11 days.  I'm happy to report that they just extubated him and things are looking up (though he has a long road to recover).  Matt has been at the hospital when he was not at work, which left me playing single mom (a role I do NOT like!).  So, by the time I get the kids to bed and Matt gets home from the hospital, I just haven't had the energy to blog.

Matt and I did manage to get away on Saturday night for a date night. A friend of our's has season ticket to UK football games, but is planning to give up his seats next year.  He was out of town last Saturday so gave us his tickets to the last UK home football game for 2012.  It was Senior night and also the last home game for Coach Joker Phillips. I found this pic below from 2009, when we took the girls to fan day.  Look how tiny they were with Coach Phillips.

August 2009

One more pic from 2009 (just because the girls were so stinkin' cute!)-and a shout-out to the player pictured, Tristian Johnson, who had a fumble return for a touchdown on Saturday night!

Anyways, it was Senior night, we had great seats and despite the freezing temps., we had a great time at probably our last (free) football game.  (And the Cats actually won!)

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