Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Time

Well, its that time of year again...pumpkin carving time.

Matt read on-line that if you cut the pumpkin's top/side this way, they are a lot easier to clean out.  It sure was.  The girls cleaned out the entire insides with little help from Dad. 




My job was to sort out the seed and roast them.  Eww... gooey mess!
Of course the insides of the pumpkins went to the girls (chickens).   AJ said, "the chickens are going to have a feast.  Lucky for them they were here for...what's this pumpkin day called?"  "Halloween, my boy, its called Halloween."

Essie with her owl-made from a template and lots of help from Dad

Chloe with her Kool-Aid Man
The template book called it a ghost, but Kool-Aid Man seems less scary for my sensitive daughter who was up twice the night before because of the "scary" MacGyver episode she watched before bed.  Honestly, it wasn't that scary but she hasn't learned that MacGyver ALWAYS makes it out alive.

AJ and his bat (minus 1 ear that fell off).  I told him it made the bat seem that much scarier.  Matt called it the bat with a past...

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