Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The week before last I attended the ATTACH Conference in Baltimore, along with the rest of the Adoption Assistance, Inc. staff.  My boss is always so good to take our entire staff to a large training every fall.  I've been able to attend great workshops that help me as a mom, as well as an adoption caseworker.

The view of the harbor from my hotel room

Walking around downtown

The USS Constallation

A submarine!

I had to include pictures of some of the yummy food we ate.  
Crab cakes above and chocolate cake below that I split with my friend Lisa.
All calorie counting is out when the Adoption Assistance staff gets together!

I forget the name of this but it was awesome!
Pasta with lobster and shrimp

The most amazing Surf and Turf I've ever had.

Look at that shrimp...its as big as my hand!

And another amazing dessert...peanut butter pie with chocolate pearls on top and a fried banana & chocolate sauce on the side.

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