Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Break Trip: St. Louis

What do we do for Fall Break?  Matt really wanted to visit his grandparents in Southern Illinois.  (Sunday was Gigi's birthday, and they recently moved to assisted living and needed some encouragement.) So, we were able to stay at their house and use that as our base of operations for a fun weekend.  First stop: Saturday in St. Louis.

 St. Louis, here we come!

Dilapidated building in East St. Louis?  "Look! A castle!" says AJ.

Crossing the mighty Mississippi

The Gateway Arch

The kids pose at the foot of the Arch.

Waiting in line for Homeland Security fun!

Stuffed grizzly bear in the Museum of Westward Expansion



Chloe and a longhorn

A real (reproduction of an) Indian tepee!
Wagons West!

The builders of the Gateway Arch

Getting ready to board the tram for the top of the Arch

AJ & Chloe in the tram

Dad and Essie

Essie and Mom

AJ & Essie look out the window at the top of the Arch


Enjoying the view

A view of the city of St. Louis

More St. Louis

Looking down at the base of the Arch

630 feet in the air!

Looking back across the Mississippi at Illinois

Next Stop:  The St. Louis Science Museum
(Yes, we know the City Museum is cool.  But the Science Museum is free!)

A Blue Angels jet outside the Planetarium



Animatronic dinosaurs

AJ checks out an optical illusion

Playing a harp with no strings

AJ works on building a model of the Arch

Essie and Chloe pitch in to help

Mom joins in on the fun

The arch is getting high...might need Dad's help on this one.


Another arch project

Essie learns about the engineering of an arch

Chloe & AJ learn about earthquake protection

We also watched an Omnimax feature about building a railroad through the Canadian Rockies.

Next stop:  The St. Louis Zoo - also free!

Always up for a trip to the zoo



Asian elephant

More elephants

Baby elephants

Taking a short break, but the zoo closes at 5!
Gotta keep moving!

Feeding time for the penguins

More penguins


Grizzly bear






Let sleeping Snow Leopards lie!


The Somali donkeys were having a little race amongst themselves

Enjoying all the animals.  
(But Essie is adamant she wants to see the snakes.)

The lion was feeling very vocal that day!

The lions were licking their chops at the zoo visitors.

Chloe and the lemurs



After a long day with lots of walking, we're all still in good spirits!
(And yes, Essie got to see the snakes.  But Mom didn't take any pictures.)
Back to Gigi's house for warm beds.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you and your family had such a good time in St. Louis. Even though it's clear you all have Kentucky pride, I hope you left a little piece of your heart in Missouri:-) Come back and see us some time!

Love from the road,