Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Best of Summer

Its that time of year...harvest time.  I picked a bunch of sweet corn the other night so it was time to freeze some for winter.
This is why I planted a 2nd round of corn-so when a drought destroys the first batch, we still get some sweet corn goodness!

The chickens didn't want to miss out

We tried to put this roll of wire beside me to keep the chickens out, but they dove right in the middle of it, trying to get at the corn.

I told AJ not to tease the chickens

and this hen showed him why

I wish you could see her face better in the picture.  She's looking at me like, 'did you see him teasing me like that?'

Those silly birds were attacking us on all sides

who said chickens are dumb, this one snuck around the back of the swing to get a taste

all from our garden

I roasted some of the corn on the grill for supper-AJ was in heaven as it reminded him of how they cook corn in Ethiopia.

The rest of the corn we blanched for the freezer.  How good it will be to have corn on the cob in winter!

The girls enjoyed the leftover cobs

They've also enjoyed pecking around the piles of free mulch I've acquired the last few weekends thanks to the city of Lexington-check out your local city's website to see if they offer free mulch from the yard waste and storm debris their waste management department process.

Chloe planted carrots and we've actually harvested a few

The reward from our girls...nothing like farm homestead fresh eggs!

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