Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garden Update

The garden has been struggling thanks to the Drought of 2012.  Two weeks ago, we had a wind storm (with no rain) that knocked over half the corn as well.  We have gotten a few meals though but the chickens are reaping most of the harvest. 
Essie & Chloe were so proud of shucking the corn ALL BY THEMSELVES.  They actually did a very good job getting all the silk off.  Meemaw would be proud!

The bees are loving my sunflowers.  Probably because they are the only flowers around. Everything else has died due to the drought.

And then there were 3: I lost my last brown hen on Sunday.  Raccoon this time. sweet friends Charley and Jackie Neal of Palisades Point Farm, brought me 2 Red Comet pullets this week. They are pretty skiddish still but learning quickly that my voice = snack time

Had to throw in some more sunflower pictures because they are the only pretty things around the homestead right now. 

Chicken in the Sunflower
(you know, like Gorillas in the Mist)

 More bees

I had another little surprise this afternoon.  I heard the tell-tale squawking of a chicken that laid an egg and when I opened the nesting box, there were 2 eggs.  Looks like Big Red Hen #2 has started laying.
Sidenote: I'm refusing to name anymore chickens because every time I name one, they die. 

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The Waggoners said...

what you didn't know is that a certain farmgirl friend of yours (who shall remain nameless) is also partially responsible for your particularly low sweet corn yield. She snuck over and helped herself to some fresh sweetness... j/k, that would probably be impossible without sending your livestock into quite a racket!