Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Vacation: Part Two

The next leg of our journey took us to Amy's grandparents in upstate New York.  It was good to see the grandparents, but all the kids could really care about was the pool at Amy's aunt and uncle's house.  (They were also very gracious to allow us to crash in their basement after we found a bedbug in our motel room.)  Amy's parents, all her siblings and their kids were there as well.

Pool time!


Cousin Shelby is all geared up and ready to go!

Shelby has become quite the confident little swimmer.

We also celebrated Shelby's birthday in New York.  Here she is opening some of her presents.

July 4th means the parade in the little town where Amy's dad grew up.

The kids are lined up and ready to dash after candy.

Can you find Essie in this picture?

 Essie is usually the first one out of bed at our house, but after all the swimming and playing with cousins, she just couldn't get out of bed on Thursday morning.

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