Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome Home Wills Family!

We had the privilege to welcome home the Wills family tonight with their twin daughters from Ethiopia (for those counting, we're up to 3 sets of twins from ET right here in the Bluegrass and I know of one other set in Louisville). I did the Wills' home study and actually suggested they look into Ethiopia. I had no idea at the time, it would take them 16 months to get their girls home. The Embassy caused all kinds of delays, but all that is behind them now as they celebrate being a family of 6 tonight at home.

The Mullins twins

Chloe & her buddy John (Taiwan)

Are they coming yet?

Kids melting down while we wait

Reni getting bored, but looking so dang cute!

Finally, here they come...

Had to get a picture of my kids helping with the luggage

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