Monday, November 28, 2011

The Many Faces of Shelby

We headed to Indiana last week to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. All 16 of us were there and it was fun to see everyone. (Though the internet connection at my parents is frustratingly slow so thus no posts til today.) The kids had a ball playing tag on Grandpa's big round bales in the field and generally getting dirty. My niece Shelby has found her voice, though no words yet, just lots of loud squeals and screams. She is however now using sign language to express many of her basic needs, though to Shelby, the "potty" sign apparently means "make mommy frustrated by sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes and then filling my diaper as soon as she puts in on me". I wasn't sure where to start posting about our trip, but soon realized I had several pictures of the many faces of Shelby.

This is her "this is my elephant and you better not even think of taking it" face to Aunt Kelly

This is her "what was that noise?" face.
Truthfully, this is the look Shelby always gets when she's trying to figure something out or is feeling very unsure of a situation. We used to see it A LOT, but happy to report we see it less and less as Shelby begins to settle in to her new family (home 6 months now).

Uncle Jeremy was "watching" Shelby when she stuck her hand in a nearby peanut butter pie. At first she wasn't sure at all about this substance we call cool whip.

She soon figured out this stuff was good and this is her "mmm" face

This is Shelby sitting on Chloe, who is sitting on Matt. I took about 6 pictures of this trio and these are the best ones. This is Shelby's "I can't figure out this situation" face again.
And then Shelby got distracted because she's only 2 years old and there were 15 other people in the house. At least I got Matt trained on how to take a proper picture.

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