Saturday, November 19, 2011

Family Photo Shoot

Our very talented friend Cydil ( took some great photos of our family at Waveland Historic Site just outside Lexington. The fall colors were beautiful, and the kids were great - laughing and posing the whole time. (The locations and poses for their individual pictures were chosen by them.)




Our twins - giggling as usual


Emy said...

AWESOME! Everyone looks so happy! Love your beautiful family!

Leveta said...

Wonderful pictures! Your family is beautiful!

bluesparrow said...

Matt! What a beautiful family with which God has blessed you all!!! Absolutely LOVE the photos!!! - Andrea

Pam said...

Amy-these are AMAZING! Love them It was great to see you & Matt last weekend. Lots of great stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE photos!! You guys look very happy!

Sue said...

You guys look ADORABLE - and HAPPY!! (I was the anonymous!)