Monday, July 5, 2010

One more July 4th post

Per the Waggoner's request, here is a photo of the shopping cart brigade at the Wilmore July 4th parade. Many of you are familiar with the lawnmower brigade that is the highlight of every July 4th parade in Wilmore, but this year, the mom's of Wilmore countered with their own brigade, complete with choreography.

If any of you have paid the least bit of attention to the World Cup, you will be familiar with the song the girls are dancing to in the below video. (They play it a thousand times during a match.) Matt is really trying to get into soccer and understand the different leagues and teams in preparation for the boys arrival. We've been told that they are big soccer players.


Wes And Nina said...

Love every single video. Gosh your daughters are SO beautiful!

The Waggoners said...

Thanks, Amy! Ellie looked at Chloe and Essie's pics this morning over breakfast and I think they made her homesick for Kentucky! Also looks like we picked out the same American flag t-shirts for our kids this year! ;-)

Karen said...

So cute, Amy! Excited to hear about your continuing adoption adventure... Praying for tomorrow... Keep us posted!