Monday, July 19, 2010

Children of the corn (and other garden produce)

Just a quick gardening update. The girls helped me pick out the rest of our first batch of corn on Friday. It was a pretty disappointing corn crop, but since it was our 1st, I guess that's to be expected. We did eat corn for a couple of meals but I was only able to freeze about 4 cups. Lesson from this year's 1st corn crop-we need more space for more corn!

I love Chloe's expression in this photo. For all of you that have seen Chloe in person, you know she has the best facial expressions.

Again, Chloe, what is the deal with your expression???

This is Chloe's attempt at posing her and Essie for a photo

This is Chloe getting mad at Essie because she isn't posing the way Chloe wants her to

Finally, got the pose right so both are now smiling

I also made my first batch of salsa on Saturday. I had 1 more pint, but we've eaten it already. From the looks of things below, I'll be making my next batch of salsa in the next couple of days. Nothing like 90+ degree days with thunderstorms at night to bring on the tomatoes.

We are going all natural with our hair this week to give it a rest. Chloe is sporting the yellow headband and Essie is in orange.


Wes And Nina said...

I really can't get enough of the pictures of Chloe & Essie. They are SOOOOOOO beautiful and fun!

Garth said...

i know what you mean about the tomatoes. It is always very hot and muggy when its time to can. good thing I was looking at your blog I forgot to turn of the soaker hose in the garden. Got to go
god bless your growing family.

kel_joy said...

i like the headband look!

kitzkazventure said...

Wow, the girls look so much older in the last picture! Well, your corn looks tons better than ours if that makes you feel any better...we haven't gotten any ears off yet....our first corn crop too. Congrats on the boys!! We should be sending the dossier in next week! Waiting on a certification for AA homestudy, wink, wink! ;) I think we should be looking at travel and such in the spring. Looking forward to hearing when your travel dates will be to get the boys. :)