Saturday, June 26, 2010

Too Much Excitement to Handle

After a late night last night that did not result in any sleeping in, the girls just couldn't keep it together this afternoon while Mommy tried to do their hair. Essie was up first:

Not even the excitement of the World Cup could keep her awake:

Next it was Chloe's turn, but she faired no better:

So, after a nap and a yummy dinner at Grandpa & Grandma Kinnell's, Mommy is back to doing hair while the girls watch one of their favorite things: The Three Stooges.


Wes And Nina said...

Is that an old school Nintendo I see? :) Love the pics!

Matt said...

Nina - anything beyond old school Nintendo is beyond me. :)

Charley and Jackie said...

Hi guys...we missed seeing everyone at the last meeting. It looks like you had so much fun. Amy, you are a pro at hair now!!!! We are praying for your boys, and for the 4 of you as you wait. It's an understatement that those meetings are a blessing...what would we do without friends feeling the same way!? Thank you for being so faithful in keeping us together!