Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dance show

The girls decided to put on a dance show for me today while I was trying to work on some home studies. I couldn't help but grab the camera to record these precious moments. And to all my clients who read this blog, don't worry, it really only took about 20 minutes out of my work day. Please remember that they came up with these dances all on their own with no help from mommy.

We started out with some slow songs

Then Chloe requested some instrumental numbers

Finally we just needed to bust a move


Our Star in the Sky said...

How cute!! Vertigo was definitely my favorite number! :)

Marie said...

Wow! You have some talented dancers!!! Sooooo cute!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Maybe you should put them on America's Got Talent. :) They would steal the hearts of the whole country!!! (But I don't like the pressure it puts on kids.)