Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gardening my frustrations out

I decided to vent my frustration with life right now by working in the garden this morning. Our new court date is June 24th and our AC/Heat unit is completely dead and it will cost over $3,000 to replace it. The girls were "bored"(b/c I wouldn't let them watch TV) so I put them to work weeding, just like my mother used to do with us kids. I had a stroke of genius by having them race down their rows of corn to see who could weed faster. Once the excitement of the race was over, Chloe went to swing. Essie stuck with it though and once water was added into the mix, Chloe was all about helping again.

Essie weeding

Essie watering the plants

Chloe takes a turn watering


Anonymous said...

It is so exciting to see someone smack-dab in the center of God's will with the devil gettin mad and kicking ya when he just knocked ya down! You go girl!! We will be praying for you!!
-kel & jer

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of having your kids weed for you. I got a late start in the garden and yours is way farther along than mine. I got a late start this year and I'm still worried about them stepping on the plants. Give it a month and I'll be doing the same thing.:)