Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday Drivin'

With the thermometer pushing 75 degrees, we decided yesterday would be a great day to go for a drive and enjoy what may be the last nice weekend for a while. We headed south without really knowing where we would go. We ended up on the Kentucky/Virginia/Tennessee border at Cumberland Gap. This is where Daniel Boone brought the early Kentucky settlers through the mountains. It was a very fun trip, and the girls did great on the three-hours-each-way car ride.

Chloe checking out the view from the Pinnacle Outlook

Essie and Chloe looking down on Cumberland Gap, Tennessee

The town of Cumberland Gap, TN, from above

Looking back into Kentucky (from Virginia)
Chloe & Essie

Looking over Powell Valley, Virginia - a long way down

Civil War cannon in an old Confederate fort

Chloe & Essie

Watching a chipmunk play down the mountain

Making mommy nervous (don't worry - it wasn't straight down)

Making mommy really nervous

"Don't worry, mommy. It's not scary."

Essie is queen of the mountain

Chloe & Essie

Chloe is in Virginia; Essie is in Kentucky

Family picture on the Pinnacle Outlook

Exploring some of the neat rock formations

Going through the Cumberland Gap Tunnel into Tennessee
(This is not how Daniel Boone came.)

Now entering Tennessee - our third state of the day

Way up there is where we were overlooking

This is the little town we saw from above

Going back through the tunnel into Kentucky

This may have been the girls' favorite part of the trip.


Anonymous said...

you guys are such cool parents!

Gil House said...

Thanks for all the pictures! You guys do such a good job of keeping your blog updated. I wish we could say the same!

Anonymous said...

not the way Daniel Boone came...hahahha- that made me laugh, Matt!