Monday, November 2, 2009

After Halloween Specials

We love after Halloween clearance sales. The girls are sporting their new princess jewelry along with their yard sale princess dresses.

So yes, as you've probably noticed, the girls are WAY into princess stuff right now. Last week they were playing dress-up and I was cleaning the bathroom. They wanted to help so I sent them out to the living room to clean windows. Figured they're still a little young to be cleaning toilets, but I didn't want to diffuse their excitement about cleaning. And yes, Chloe's Cinderella dress is too small but they'd die if I got rid of it. They love that they both can wear Cinderalla dresses at the same time. As you've also probably noticed, I tend not to dress them alike. The funny thing is when they pick out their clothes, they tend to pick matching outfits.


Jen said...

Was gonna call you and tell you to get to Walmart and pick up some bigger princess dresses on sale. Is that something that could work for Christmas? Let me know ASAP, and I can go get some. Found Hunter some dr. scrubs.

Marie said...

We should have a princess party!!! Our girls love them too!

I like to put our girls in matching clothes, but they rarely pick matching clothes themselves. They really don't have many matching clothes anymore. They're wearing hand-me downs from Kaitlyn.

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