Saturday, November 14, 2009

Both Hands

Yesterday,we helped out our friends, the Maas family, raise money for their adoption of 2 more children from Ethiopia, by helping a widow with some household projects. The girls and I become part of the leaf patrol and we cleaned up one of the biggest piles of leaves I've ever seen. I was very proud of them for helping and they would not take a break until the whole pile was cleaned up. Even after the other kids got destracted, Essie & Chloe kept working. The funniest part was when some other girls their age started jumping and playing in the pile and our girls got very upset because they were messing up their pile. I had to explain to them it was ok to play in the leaves and encourage them to do it. Once they tried it, they decided it was pretty fun indeed.

Read the article from our local paper on the event:

Check out this Youtube video of our day:


Anonymous said...

oh, shoot! i got your letter about that and totallly buried on the counter behind me and forgot all about that!!
sorry, kel

Anonymous said...

Great program, Amy! Looks like they had a lot of fun in the process too!