Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall is here!

The girls and I decided to enjoy the very fall weather by taking Caesar to the dog park in NichVegas. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures because there were 2 enormous Rottweilers who got a little rough with Caesar and I ended up breaking up a dog fight. We salvaged the morning by heading over to the people park. This was a new park for the girls and it is much bigger than our parks in Wilmore. They loved it, to say the least.

Hint-Essie is in the pink jacket and Chloe is in the blue jacket.

I forgot to add the picture of them going down on their bellies and blogspot is having issues with allowing us to move photos around once they are posted. So this is why they are on the ground, on their faces in this picture.

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Anonymous said...

Oh to have the energy to run back and forth all afternoon on a gaint rubber bridge!
glad they had fun- kel