Monday, September 21, 2009

Ababa turns 30!

Today was Ababa's big day and yes, I married a younger man (by 3 months). Because Matt is not a big party guy, we celebrated with dinner at Red R*bin with Matt's parents and the girls. I also have to brag on myself for improvising a chocolate chip cake and making frosting from scratch (with a little help via the phone call to my sister Jen) after I ran out of the store bought version. Matt can attest to the fact that I am not the world's greatest cook, but he even gave me props today.

The girls were a big help making Ababa's cake.

love the concentration

Licking the beaters is the best part of baking.

Chloe, Ababa, Essie


The Waggoners said...

Happy Birthday!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday, Ababa!!

Jeff and Leslie said...

Happy Birthday!

Kara said...

Amy--I am 2 months older than Michael, so I know how that goes! Your all's cake is beautiful, and so are the girls! --Kara C. in G-town

Anonymous said...

love the videos, makes me feel like i visit you more often when i can be in your kitchen when they sing happy birthday :)

Gil House said...

My favorite part is Matt bobbing his head back n forth to the song! Congrats, Matt! You've entered a new decade!! We'll be joining you soon! (And don't worry, Amy, I married a younger man also :)