Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Essie & Chloe Go to the Zoo

A chilly, overcast Tuesday afternoon after school has started is the perfect time to visit the Louisville Zoo, about an hour and a half from our house. No crowds, and the animals were great. Here is some of what we saw:

You can see the real rhinos in the background.

The baby elephant was the girls' favorite of the day, because he danced and kicked and trumpeted and tossed a log around. They said, "He silly."

Kind of ironic that our little Ethiopian girls had to come all the way to Kentucky to see their first elephant.

The lions were situated teasingly close to the giraffes - which is why they are staring longingly, licking their chops.

The world's ugliest goat.

Chloe petting a goat. Not sure that the goat petting area enclosed in an "authentic African boma" was much of a novelty to our girls.

Pygmy hippopotamus


Watching the flamingo pool

Watching the penguins play

This Sumatran Tiger was very cool. He even gave us a few roars.

Up close and personal with the tiger

Tortoise ride

Riding the carousel

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