Sunday, August 2, 2009

Meeting the Hindman Side of the Family

Meeting Gigi and Great-Grandpa Hindman for the first time

Chloe plays with Cousin Rachel's husband Jonathan

Playing with Aunt Daphne


Eating lunch at the Hindman house - three generations of kids have sat at that little red card table

Lunch from KFC

Cute backpacks that Aunt Buffy knitted for the girls

Rachel, Chloe, Essie, and Buffy

Playing dominoes with Rachel

Playing with Aunt Buffy's phone

Great-Grandma Hindman (Gigi)

Great-Grandpa Hindman

Chasing Jonathan

Chloe & Jonathan

Essie loves playing football


Playing ball with Jonathan

Jonathan and the girls show off some cash


Leighann said...

um, those are the cutest backpacks i've ever seen. what does she charge?

Buffina said...

The word on the street is $30/backpack.