Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beauty Parlor

So we are a bit behind in our blog posts. Last week was very busy and this week looks just as busy. I did want to post pictures of the girls' first real hairdo. Our neighbor, Theresa, is a beautician and came over last week and offered to do the girls hair. It took her over an hour to do each of the girls hair and a ton of product, but it looked really cute when it was done. I don't have a picture of Theresa because she hadn't done her hair that day and being a beautician, she was adamant I did not take her picture.

Chloe being distracted by food.


Finally done


Essie being silly

Showing off their new looks


kel said...

you could have made them look different so we could tell them apart....

Angie Walter said...

I just love your girls! I want to do more home study meetings so we can play with them!