Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First trip to the dentist

The girls had their first dentist appointment a few weeks ago. We were all thrilled and surprised that they had no cavities. The dentist told us the sad part about most kids growing up in the developing world is they don't eat often enough to get cavities. She said kids in the US get cavities because they are always snacking and eating. The girls did very well, especially Chloe who laid still with her mouth open for over 30 minutes. The dentist reminded us that that is not typical behavior for a three year old's first trip to the dentist, but we didn't tell Chloe that. The hygenists were able to get much of the staining off the girls teeth as well, which has thrilled the girls. They greeted Grandma and Grandpa that night with big smiles and said, "Look!"

Chloe getting ready for x-rays

Essie with her "too cool" glasses

Chloe getting her cleaning

Essie's turn in x-ray


Pam said...

Micah had his first trip to the dentist earlier this year. He did great! He sat so still and kept his mouth open nice and wide the whole time. It was crazy! :) Weird kids! LOL!

Journey To Our China Doll said...

Happy Birthday cuties!!!