Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Break Trip Day One: Chimney Rock

We have been looking forward to Spring Break for quite some time.  Winter just kept holding on in Kentucky with some late snows and nasty weather.  This year we headed to North Carolina to do some hiking.  We set out to visit the waterfalls from the movie Last of the Mohicans.  We were blessed with some GREAT Spring weather and had a lot of family fun.  On to the pictures:

On day one of hiking we went to Chimney Rock State Park, home of Hickory Nut Falls and some spectacular views.

Chimney Rock from below

The Hickory Nut Falls Trail runs along below Chimney Rock to the base of the falls.

Hickory Nut Falls can be seen in the background of this scene from Last of the Mohicans.  Some of the movie's climactic fight scenes take place from the top of the falls, though that area is currently closed to hikers.

Approaching the falls

Hickory Nut Falls

The girls loved this "castle" viewing area.

Family selfie (minus the selfie stick, which got left in the hotel room)

Climbing the hundreds of stairs up to Chimney Rock

When you need a break because you're so out of shape, you can pretend to just be taking in the incredible views.

Athletic AJ goes on ahead and is first to arrive on the chimney.

The girls are always up for a photo on hiking trips.

Essie atop Chimney Rock

Dad and his girls

Mom and Dad

Family shot on Chimney Rock


Essie enjoying the view


View of Chimney Rock from above

The "Opera Box"

The "Devil's Head"


Devil's Head

View from Exclamation Point

It was EXTREMELY windy at Exclamation Point

Chloe enjoys the view from the top

After lunch we spent some time walking along the river that runs at the entrance to the park.  The kids loved climbing all over the rocks, and Mom was the only one to fall in.




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