Sunday, April 5, 2015

Introducing: Opal

Back in the beginning of February, we had to put our beloved Springer Spaniel Caesar to sleep.  He was over 12 years old and age had caught up with him.  He came to us as a fat little puppy only a few months old but time had caught up with him and his body was giving out.  Last week, a friend who knew we had lost Caesar tagged me in a post of Facebook about a bulldog that was found running the streets of Alabama. The dog was rescued by a good Samaritan who got her hooked up with Dames for Danes, an organization that rescues Great Danes, but also advocates for other dogs.  Dames is located in Tennessee and since we were driving home from North Carolina, through Tennessee, I of course thought it was a sign from the Heavens that this was to be our next dog.  Matt took a little more convincing but he knew I have always wanted a bulldog.  We worked out the details and met up with one of Dames' volunteers who brought her to Knoxville.  

Our first meeting

We are not sure of Opal's story, but the Vet believes she is 3 years old and has definitely had a few litters of puppies.  We're guessing she was used as a breeder dog. She is generally in good health though (a rarity among bulldogs) and has a super sweet temperament.

She quickly made herself at home with the kids

Opal loves to ride in the car and watch traffic.

She was worn out after such a big day!

A bulldog's temperament is much different than a Springer's-that's for sure!
This is what Opal does a lot...sleep.

She also snores like a trucker, which is usually endearing but had made television viewing a lot more difficult.

She also tends to get her way.  The bulldog is definitely a correctly named breed but she's so cute that it's hard to deny her what she wants. 


Allie Rhodes said...

Precious sweetheart....I would love to come and meet her!

Joan Miller said...

Oh my gosh, is she ever so cute!
I especially loved the picture with Matt and Opal on
the couch! Sorry to hear about Ceasar but Opal does look like she is just where she belongs!