Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wilmore 4th of July

It's been a few years since we've been able to enjoy the July 4th festivities in our little town of Wilmore.  People often refer to Wilmore as Mayberry, and it definitely has that feeling on July 4th.  The town has a parade and then community festival at the old campgrounds. 

Jarrod Polsen was the Grand Marshall.  Jarrod is a local guy who just graduated from the University of Kentucky and was a member of them men's basketball team (you will not understand the significance of this if you are not from KY). Though the team always listed him as being from Nicholasville, he's actually from Wilmore and lives on the other side of town from us.  We've gotten to know his sister and mother as they were counselors at Wilmore's day camp last year.  His sister has also tutored our kids and just returned from a mission trip to Ethiopia.  They are a wonderful family and it's been fun for our kids to be exposed to a "famous" basketball player. 

This was Caesar's favorite delegation because they threw out dog biscuits to all the dogs in the crowd!

Of course any parade these days wouldn't be complete without politicians.

Our kids marched with their summer camp program.

Not many towns have reps from their local evangelism ministry march in their 4th parade.

The highlight of every parade is the Lawn Mower Brigade.  I had to run to the campground to pick up the kids so I missed their routine that they perform. I had to include a little video of them though for all you Wilmorans out there that weren't able to see them for yourself this year. 

Had to include some pictures of the John Deere tractors for my nephew Hunter

And the Farmalls for my Dad
AJ's favorite float-SUBWAY

Who knew Uncle Sam had a pony?!?!

Some local horses from Asbury University's Equine program

If you want to see more (professional) photos of the festivities, you can click here to see pics from the local newspaper. 

We as a family enjoyed supper together and some fireworks later that night.
Chloe helped me with the fruit bowl.

So festive!

I also baked some potatoes, squash, & zucchini from our garden. YUM!

The hens enjoyed the leftovers (you knew I couldn't do a post without a picture of the hens)

We let the kids stay up way later than they usually do to have some fun with sparklers and fireworks.

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