Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fort Harrod Outing

On Friday night we went down to Harrodsburg, Kentucky, to see the "Battle for Kentucky" play at Fort Harrod State Park.  The play is the story of James Harrod, a friend of Daniel Boone who was among the original settlers of Kentucky.

On the fort grounds is a 200-year-old osage orange tree.  It is the unofficial largest osage orange in the nation (unofficial due to the fact that its trunk is split).

This monument is the George Rogers Clark Memorial, built in the '30s to commemorate George Rogers Clark and other pioneers who crossed the Appalachian Mountains.

Harrodsburg was the first permanent settlement of "the West" (west of the Appalachians).

Shawnee Indian

Outside Fort Harrod

Watching the play

Daniel Boone (right) meets with a representative of the Transylvania Company

The coolest part of the play was the Indian attack on the fort - complete with real fire!

In the end it was a really late night.  The play probably had a little too much dialog for our kids to follow.  But the value was probably not some much in what they saw as in that they saw it.  A good family experience they will remember.

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