Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Most Fun Recycling Program Around

No chickens eating mice today, just lots of old freezer-burned food we cleaned out of my in-laws extra freezer (pizza, taquitos, peas).  When I think about all the food that my chickens have recycled, it utterly amazes me.  In the last month they have not only eaten stale bread and vegetable peelings, they've also dined on leftover french fries, Chinese food (they love the rice with vegetables), popcorn, stale potato chips & crackers, leftover steak, meatloaf, lunch meat, wilted celery, cabbage, broccoli & cauliflower, leftover pasta of all assortments, and more freezer burned food than I can recount.  I do remember lots of frozen meals and frozen vegetables. Oh, and they devoured past-its-prime home-made grape juice, salsa, and tomato sauce. They even downed a freezer-burned half carton of vanilla ice cream and a past-date gallon of milk. Oh, and of course bugs, worms, grasshoppers (yes, that was a fun one to watch) and the occasional mouse (not so fun to watch).  All in all, chickens are some of the best recyclers I've ever seen. (pigs are probably the best recyclers, but Matt refuses to let me get one!) and they turn all that garbage into delicious eggs.

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