Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Our Own Version Of The Olympics was yesterday at our kids' school. Its always a fun day for the kids and I overheard more than 1 parent talk about memories from their OOVOTO days at Wilmore Elementary School.  The day opens with an Opening Ceremony where all the kids who have lived overseas (many missionary kids, Int. students from seminary kids, and adopted kids at our school) get to carry their country's flag.

Our kids got to carry the Ethiopian flag

Friends Margaret & Courage with the Liberia flag

Opening Ceremony

Once the Opening Ceremony was finished, the classes break up and participate in different activities at five different stations around the school.  This is the part I didn't necessarily think through as a mother with children in more than 1 grade level.  I told several parents that they should call it the "Parents Olympiad" because I basically cris-crossed campus all day to see as many of my kids' activities as possible. 

So here are a ton of videos of my kids doing all kinds of sporting event, which I'm posting for family 

AJ & Classmates

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