Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, AJ!

Saturday was AJ's 12th birthday!  It is amazing how much he has grown.  Here are some highlights from our little celebration:

AJ decided he wanted a donut cake this year.  (That's supposed to be a soccer ball.)

Awaiting the end of "Happy Birthday to You"

Blowing out the candles

Drawing supplies from Meemaw and Grandpa Neild

Aunt Buffy always gives the cool shoes.

A Kentucky basketball jersey from Grandpa & Grandma Kinnell

A Clint Dempsey Team USA soccer jersey from Mom & Dad - just in time for the World Cup!

AJ's big request for a birthday present was for a weight set.  Mom found a great deal on this (very lightly) used set on Cr**gsl*st.

Our birthday boy - all wrapped up with a bow

And, finally, the obligatory "remember when" photo.  This is AJ at the orphange in March of 2009 when we were in Ethiopia picking up our girls.  Little did we know that a little over a year later we would bring him home to join our family.  How we love him, and how he's grown!

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