Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another Saturday at Red River Gorge

Mom was at work on another Saturday, and Dad had a cookout to attend in Wolfe County as part of his involvement with New Hope International Ministries.  The kids were not particularly excited about going to a cookout when "we don't even know anybody there", but fortunately, the cookout was less than 10 miles from one of our favorite hiking locations - Red River Gorge.  So after the cookout we got out in to the 84-degree afternoon to do a little hiking.

AJ pauses to view the scenery on the Sky Bridge trail.

Chloe: "I just love walking on walls."

Three Kinnell kids atop Sky Bridge

Underneath Sky Bridge

Posing for a picture under the bridge

There is another smaller arch under the bridge - a perfect twin photo opportunity

The kids were really amazed by this little 3-inch hole that went all the way through the rock... could look through and see out the other side.


AJ is the master of climbing on the rock formations.

The girls are getting much better - and bolder - at climbing around on the rocks.

Essie, who is the most nervous about climbing, was very proud to have reached this little ledge all by herself.

Now, how to get down?

The gorge has some really great places that can make a person feel very small.  I think that is what Chloe is contemplating here under this rock ledge.

Checking out the contents of a "bare" hole.  (As opposed to a bear hole...get it?)

Whistling Arch

Under Whistling Arch



AJ found a tunnel to crawl through.  (The girls, of course, soon followed.) Good thing there weren't any snakes in there.

Essie plopped down to take a rest with Dad.

Overlooking Devil's Canyon from above Whistling Arch

A fun couple of hours of hiking to make up for the couple of hours of forced social interaction

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