Sunday, January 12, 2014

Homestead Discipline

It's been a bit since I've posted.  We've had some sub-zero temps earlier this week, which extended the kids' Christmas break from school.  Before and after these few days, we've had a few days of temps in 40's and have even hit 50 once or twice.   One such day, the girls made some bad choices and some creative discipline was required.  Matt asked me if I had a job outside that the girls could do and of course, I knew there is always some poop to scoop!  I've been trying the deep litter method in the coops, but since the coops are so small, the litter had piled up as much as I dare let it.  Perfect opportunity for some creative discipline. 

Of course the hens had to check out what was going on

Also this week, I fed the last of the salvaged fall decorations to the hens as well.  They would have lasted longer, if we had continuous freezing temps but with swinging temps, the whole pumpkins had begun to soften.  I didn't cook these pumpkins and they have lasted a few days.  I just cut them in half with a shovel and the hens have enjoyed eating them right down to the skins.

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